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Play as Hong Hua, as she ventures back to her old house to uncover the truth of her mother's disappearance.

Investigate and overcome challenges in finding out the truth behind the disappearance of Hong Hua's mother. Open locks. Put pieces together. Find things. Solve the problems.

Understand a past of discrimination, hatred, and prejudice in a different light after a broken childhood. Reminisce memories. Remember traumas. Uncover forgotten motives.

Assemble the conclusion, reason, and the implication of the disappearance of what was once the an important person in Hong Hua's life. Rebuild the story. Restructure the motives. Recover the mistakes before it is too late.

This game is made by Laksamana Studios, a team of students undergoing a game development course in which produced this point and click adventure game as an assignment. 


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