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Allrena is a 2D Deathmatch between possessed soft-toys in various crazy arenas where the objective is to pummel your opponents to submission by bouncing bullets off walls. Becareful though, the bullets are highly bouncy and you're just as vulnerable to them. Defeat your enemies and wallow in their misery as they kill themselves with their very own projectiles.

Credits William Chong, Gan Loon Hui, Joshua Lee, Teh Jing Han, Jason Tan Kok Pin, Ikhlaz bin Zulham, Lu Kah Sheng, Ng Wei Kian, Mikhail Lee, Kalvin Chai Heng Zhi, Mohammad Amir bin Saad.

Produced as part of a student assignment Bachelor of Game Development (Hons) KDU University College - Glenmarie Games Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kdugamedevelopment  Website: http://gamedev.kdu.edu.my 

Install instructions

Download the zip file, Unzip and enjoy.


Allrena.zip 24 MB

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