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 Chonky is a single player roll em up exploration adventure game where players play as a cat named Chonky and explore on the land and complete objectives as he proceed the game as well as asserting dominance to the animals. Chonky, the cat who always dream to be the best cat in the world. One day when Chonky exploring on the island, he saw the best cat, Bandit Cat appearing infront of him. Knowing that become the best cat he has to defeat the bandit cat, so he urge to challenge him but failed. Bandit Cat smashed Chonky away with his mighty hammer, and Chonky flew away from him. Being frustrated, Chonky decided to assert his dominance to the island as well as to Bandit Cat. 

Our game are made by our team named Kaijurais, where we have 1 Game Designer, 1 Game Artist and 3 Game Programmers. 

- Linus Goh, Game Artist Lead pyrogoh@gmail.com  
- Alvin Tseu, Game Designer Lead  alvinjff@gmail.com  
- Emambucus Muddaththir Ahmad Nizam, 
Game Programmer Lead mudd.em07@gmail.com  
- Tan Jun Hau , AI Programmer, junhau99@gmail.com
- Muhammad Syafiq Shahrin, Gameplay, UI, and  Progression Systems Programmer, syafiq.shahrin96@gmail.com

Install instructions

This game is only available to android device 4.3 version or above.

Instructions to install and play the game : 

- Download the apk and install it into your device. 

- Look for the apk file and install the game. The game should be on the main screen after you done installing it.

- Click on the game icon and the game will be opened and playable.


Chonky Beta 53 MB

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