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Coal Call is a roguelike deck-builder game, strategize the use of Empowerment during battles, gain card rewards and coal by defeating monsters and discover new locations and events as you continue your search for coal.

Eternal winter has swept the land, temperatures plunge, and the old way of life is all but lost. Coal has become the most valuable resource. Small communities need it to power their settlements but monsters that have arisen from the cold consume it to survive. Early on, you find an ancient suit of armour with advance offensive and defensive capabilities, powered by a miniature version of the Stirling Engine, and became the protector of the village. As the village’s supply of coal is dwindling fast, you set out to find a new source of coal for the village amidst the tundra or so you thought…


Get to know us

Epsilon was founded in 2021 by 6 Game Development students from UOWMKDU for the module “Game Project Studio 1” and to mimic the semi-reality of an indie studio. The team aimed to further learn the know-how of developing games in a small-scale team while also running the studio. With a project timeline of 3 months, the studio’s first game “Coal Call” is finally due for release in May 2021.




Install instructions

1. Unzip the downloaded file.

2. Open "GPS_1 CoalCall.exe" to start the game.


COALCALL_PublicPlaytest_V2.rar 69 MB

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