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Tiny robot in space gets kidnapped by sentient beings and thrown into a battle arena to face off giant robots for their pleasure. Our hero, desperate to prove itself, overcomes the overwhelming obstacles thrown unto it. Defeating each giant robot one after the other it now is faced with the most brutal champion robot of the sentient beings yet.

Battle for our hero’s life in this final combat against the sentient beings strongest robot champion. Lose, and only death awaits, win however and freedom shall be granted.

Core’s Fragment is a group of 5 students from the KDU University College's Bachelor of Game Development program. 

Design Team

Nikhilesh Mahendran
Lead Designer

 Art Team

Jason Har Jin Quan
Lead Artist

Tech Team

Teo Jia Luen
Lead Programmer

Ooi Yee Son (Eason)

Thong Meng Siong

Install instructions

1.)  Download the zip file.
2.)  Double-click the Core Piercer application to play


Core Piercer.zip 42 MB

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