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Echoes of You is an atmospheric, narrative-driven game where a father attempts to make amends with his daughter by completing a journal before she moves away from him. Relive his memories and examine your surroundings to try to understand what happened. You can’t change the past, but you can take responsibility for it.

  • Explore the house and discover how their relationship evolved over the years.
  • Complete memories by overcoming obstacles that trigger important moments in their lives. 
  • Finish the journal to piece the years together and understand the story behind the rift in their relationship.

Echoes of You was made by Stu³, a group of third year game development students from KDU University College in the Bachelors of Game Development program. 
After months of hard work, dedication and care, Echoes of You serves as their final year project.
With graduation coming soon, the team is excited to release their final game as students and share it with anyone interested.

Design Team

Rebecca Hee
Game Designer - Team Lead, Level design, Narrative design

Art Team

Eva Lee
Game Artist - Team Lead, Concept art, Environment, Character modeling

Ian Lou Han Yuan
Game Artist - Team Lead, Environment, Character animation

Elaine Chern
Game Artist - Environment, Character modeling, GUI

Tee Hui Yee
Game Artist - Environment, Character modeling

Muhammad Syukri bin Juhari
Game Artist - Environment, Base Mesh Modeling

Tech Team

Cheong Yi Siang
Game Programmer - Post-processing, Material manipulation, Lighting

Ong Li Hou
Game Programmer- Gameplay and puzzle programmer

Alexander Tan Zheng Fang
Project Manager & Lead Game Programmer - UI, Journal, audio manager, cinematic and particle effects

Install instructions

Extract the .zip and run "EchoesOfYou.exe"


echoesofyou-windows-64.zip 1 GB
Version 3 Sep 10, 2019


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I was really enjoying this one because of how real it felt but then I hit a brick wall and couldn't figure out what to do so I quit. Thanks for the game!

Hey, Thank you soo much for playing our game, we really appreciate it. After watching your entertaining video, we noticed that you didn't notice the letter block puzzle in the kid's bedroom. My bad, we should have made it abit more obvious.

Anyways, hopefully you can give our game another chance and thank you again for playing our game.

P.S. Keep an eye out on what happens when you dial 999 on the phone.

Our favorite comment was "This is like heavy rain but heavy pain" 


Yo Thanks so much for playing our game, we really appreciate it! We hope you enjoyed it

Why do I get the feeling that this game is gonna make me cry, freak out in fear, or both (possibly at the same time)?