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Haunted Park is a game where you manage and build your own Haunted Park! Visitors come to have a scary good time, so scare them good to get high ratings and earn a profit to upgrade your park! 

This student game was made by Halcyon Studios, a team of game developers consisting of 2 Game Designers, 3 Artists & 4 Programmers doing Bachelor of Game Development in UOW Malaysia KDU.


  • Wong Yen Yee, Design Lead, wyy.rachel@gmail.com
  • Crystal Quah Yeng Mei, Game Designer, deepsmokxr@gmail.com
  • Chee Jia Qi, Art Lead, Game Artist, camelliacjq@gmail.com
  • Kor Wei Shann, 2D Concept Artist, weishannkor@gmail.com
  • Mohd Amin Bin Mohd Suhimi, 3D Artist, aminsuhimi97@gmail.com
  • Leong Ka Hou, Tech Lead, AI Programmer, kahoufire@gmail.com
  • Ryan Lin Ming Guang, Gameplay Programmer, mingguang.lin@gmail.com
  • Leong Foong Seng, Gameplay Programmer, foong95seng@gmail.com
  • Rose Neezam, Gameplay Programmer, roseneezam@yahoo.com


Final Game.apk 39 MB

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