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Haywire Harvest is a 4v4 arena shooter set in a procedurally generated alien planet. The game is about artificially intelligent robots from two mining corporations competing against each other to harvest an extremely valuable mineral called Versatilium to be sent back to Earth. Versatilium can be used as a power source and to develop weapons of mass destruction. Players play as a robot from one of the corporations and fight against the other players in game modes like King of the Hill and Capture the Flag.

Credits: Assharif Abdullah Assegaf, Lu Kah Sheng, Tan Jing Yang, Lee Yen Fei, Mikhail

Install instructions

Download the zip file, Unzip, Get a friend and enjoy!!

This is a multiplayer only game.


[FYP] Haywire Harvest - Slapdash Studios.zip 100 MB

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