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Hersir is a 2D Turtle Defence game where you are tasked with preventing waves of demons from destroying the world turtle that glides effortlessly across the universe. Carefully use your resources to build towers that will aid your Viking warrior in his arduous task.

Credits Aaron Lim, Samantha Tan, Lee Yee Jin, Tyran To Yu Wen, Cire Lai Wah Onn, Luqman Ibrahim, Hiah Kai Jun, Ng Hwa Kint

Produced as part of a student assignment Bachelor of Game Development (Hons) KDU University College - Glenmarie Games Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kdugamedevelopment  Website: http://gamedev.kdu.edu.my 

Install instructions

Download the zip file, Unzip and enjoy.


Hersir.zip 79 MB

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