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La Farmilia is the online multiplayer computer game that is designed through cooperation between computer science professionals and game developers for autism spectrum disorder children to improve their social skills and daily life skill sets. Children with learning disabilities such as ASD usually having serious impairments with social interaction, communication skills and in behaviour need a high degree of personalization. Thus, this game contains immersive and customize game worlds with challenging and interesting daily tasks which reflect the consequences of decisions made by the children when overcoming in-game challenges and completing in-game daily tasks. The online multiplayer game is designed for them to improve their communication skill and living skillset by interacting with the immersive gameplays. Apart from the immersive gameplay environment, the unique mechanics of La Farmilia allows players who played the game were observed by recording their engagement and feedback during the in-game session. The data collected will be used it as input for instructor or teacher to get more understanding about the respective children.

This game was produced by TicTechToe, formed by a group of game development students from UOWM KDU. Partnered in 2019, the team developed La Farmilia under the guidance and supervision of their mentor, Mr Jason Wong. La Farmilia is a game project that brings significance and contributes to the autism community. With the intention of improving their quality of life, La Farmilia strives to provide a fun and joyful learning experience to the autism community.

TicTechToe is comprised of 1 Game Designer, 3 Programmers and 1 Artist.

Tan Meng Joo, Game Designer, mengjoo0123@gmail.com

Jonathan Hiew Yin Kin, Game Programmer (Gameplay Programmer), https://jonhiew98.wixsite.com/portfolio | jonhiew98@gmail.com

Ong Shengwei, Game Programmer (Gameplay Programmer), https://sw7177.wixsite.com/portfolio | sw7177@gmail.com

Lee Zheng Jie, Game Programmer (Gameplay Programmer), https://feral010205.wixsite.com/rl-works | feral010205@gmail.com

Ng Chee Jian, Game Artist (UI/UX), https://cjng1121.wixsite.com/website | cjng1121@gmail.com

Install instructions

Minimum Requirement:

OS:Windows® 7 64 bit

Processor:Intel® Core 2 or equivalent

Memory:2 GB RAM

Graphics:Intel HD 620


Hard Drive:1.5 GB HD space

Sound:Direct X- compatible sound card

Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection


Recommended Requirement:

OS:Windows® 7 64 bit

Processor:Intel® Core 2 or equivalent

Memory:4 GB RAM

Graphics:NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon® X1900, 1024mb video memory recommended


Hard Drive:2 GB HD space

Sound:Direct X-compatible sound card

Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection



  • Download the Full Game Installer that includes the entire game data.
  • Once the download has completed, start the Installation and follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation procedure.

After completing installation, double click on Lafarmilia.exe to start the Game. Please note that you will have to update to the Latest client version before proceeding.


La Farmilia.7z 148 MB

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