A downloadable game for Windows

MadMinds is a top-down action shooter in a horror environment, challenging players’ reflexes and shooting skills. The game takes place in a science lab where player faces the aftermath of a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong. Players are to explore the tarnished levels and find the exit to escape. Armed with a flashlight and a pistol, player must survive and fight against mutant infestations lurking in the dark.

The game starts on the tutorial level as the dialog play through and teaches the player on the mechanics’ work. The player then proceeds to the procedurally generated levels equipped with a Pistol. As the player survive and kill enemies, they will receive loots that are health, assault rifle and/or a Shotgun. The main item the player needs to finish the game is the Exit Key Card. When obtained the key card, player will look for the exit and escape the level.

MadMinds was made by TRAPEZOID, a group consisting of 3 Programmers and 1 Artist. Their goal is to develop a game that would make players feel a lingering sensation of excitement after they finish playing and gives a long lasting impact to their gaming experience


Install instructions

Download the zip, once download extract the zip file to your desired folder. Open the extracted folder and click on the game icon to play the game




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