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Mess In The House is a game inspired by Overcooked where both are chaotic and cooperative playing experiences. However, our game is more puzzle based with a Dr.Seuss theme where players are tasked at cleaning various houses using their various tools and items. You will have to race the timer to clean houses with an optimal strategy in mind as you try again and again until you succeed but only if your partner can cooperate with you.

Our game features 2 characters for the you to play as. You can play as the Boy with his Mop and Cloth or the Girl with her Broom and Spray. However, there are other items that  players can pick up and use as well but only if you have enough room in your inventory. Otherwise, you might need to drop some of your items and let the other player assist you instead; that is of course, if they aren’t busy themselves.

Furthermore, we have several levels for players to master with each having increasingly complex layouts and some introducing more and more elaborate mechanics. Can you and your partner keep up or will you give up and leave the houses crawling with cockroaches? Additionally, as you play through these levels, you’ll uncover the story behind the characters and why you are cleaning all these houses. Or rather, you’ll get more and more confused as the story is comedic and makes no sense. Or does it?

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the "A Mess In The House.exe" to play the game.


Mess In The House Build.zip 45 MB

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