A downloadable game for macOS and Android

Mineroid is a mobile game that feature the simulation of controlling spaceship. Player control a mining spaceship and collect ores by mining the asteroids to rebuilt a new shield generator to protect the station. Players have to prevent their loot from being steals by enemies, prevent the ship from being destroyed and aware of carrying too many resources.

This student game was made by Additional Pylon, a team of 10 members which consists of 3 designers, 3 artist, and 4 programmers.


  • Wong Kai Weng - Level Designer
    • 0125709@kdu-online.com
  • Kelvin Chew Jing Kai - Sound & Tutorial Designer
    • 0121827@kdu-online.com
  • Goh Sing Pei -  UI Layout Designer
    • singpei.g9939@gmail.com
  • Wong Weng Chee - Modelling, Texturing and Animation Artist
    • 0125779@kdu-online.com 
  • Andrew Loke Ting Jun - Modelling, Texturing and Animation Artist
    • malcolm12319@gmail.com
  • Shirly Lee Xue - Game Artist
    • 0121835@kdu-online.com
  • Tay Ho Xiang - Debugging Programmer
    • hosiang79@hotmail.com
  • Jared Chew Kah Hong - AI Programmer
    • 0128085@kdu-online.com
  • Kua Kenze - UI and AI Programmer
    • 0121388@kdu-online.com
  • Alvis Tung Zie Yeong - Level Programmer
    • 0121696@kdu-online.com 

Install instructions

Download the apk and install it.


Mineroid.apk 28 MB

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