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Paper Vs Mache is set in a world made out of paper as you the player controls a fruit picker set to fight a giant paper mache golem that has intruded your orchard.


In this 3rd person action game you are given spear as your only tool against this overwhelming foe as it you quickly have to learn how to fight it before it overpowers you and crushes you. The spear only has 1 shot and after you have thrown it you have to quickly re position yourself to pull it back as you pay attention to boss’s attacks. The boss will also learn your movements as you learn its action patterns and it will make changes to its attacks to adapt to how you move from its attacks.


Only when you carefully learn the boss attacks and pay attention to how it adapts to you, you will be given chances to attack its weak points and finally defeat it.

Install instructions

Extract the zip file with softwares like WinRAR

 Double click the executable file


Paper Vs Mache.zip 337 MB

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