A downloadable game for Windows

The game is set in Victorian Age. The main character of the game is an ex-convict who is trying to steal the treasures of the rich and hand it out to the poor.

This game was made by Ninja Wasabi, a team consisting of 1 Game Designer, 2 Artists & 5 Programmers.

● Allen Nui, Game Designer, ndragneel937@yahoo.com
● Josephine, Game Artist, joey311096@gmail.com
● Thong Jing Wen, Game Artist, ghosty302@gmail.com 
● Tan Jun Hau, Game Programmer, junhau99@gmail.com
● Patrick, Game Programmer, weihoe0206@gmail.com
● Kimberly Tan Chin, Game Programmer, kimtan1430@gmail.com
● Nizam, Game Programmer, mudd.em07@gmail.com 
● Prem, Game Programmer,premvarijakzhan@gmail.com 


Game(latest).rar 42 MB

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