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Slime Pewpew is a colour-coded arcade shooter played from a first-person perspective.

David is a freelance pest exterminator. One day, he received a call from a well-known company, ZEUS INC. He was requested to exterminate pests at their research lab. David accepted the job offer and headed to the research lab. After reaching there, he was given a bag along with a gun. David wondered why he was given these. As soon as he stepped into the research lab, he was locked inside and he saw the lab filled with slimes. He realized that the pests, the company had mentioned, was not about little critters, but an outbreak of mutated slimes filling up the lab. In order for him to get out of the lab, he must stop the infestation of the slimes.

This game was made by members of team EsCATit which consists of 1 Game Designer, 2 Artists & 4 Programmers.

  • Yasmin Izzati binti Azmir, Lead Artist, yasmin.azmir03@gmail.com, https://www.artstation.com/yasminazmir
  • Thong Jing Wen, Game Artist, jingwent224@gmail.com, https://www.artstation.com/jing_wen
  • Allen Nui Er Kang, Lead Designer, allennui99@gmail.com
  • Ian Chua Yu Heng, Lead Programmer, iancyh94@gmail.com
  • Carin Yap, Gameplay & AI Programmer, xy.rin@mediagates.com
  • Mikail Shafiq bin Muhammad Sakin Sim, Gameplay Programmer, mikail.shafiq7@gmail.com
  • Yap Yi Heng, UI/UX Programmer, yiheng98@yahoo.com

Install instructions

This game is playable on any device running on Android OS.

1. Download the apk and place it into your device
2. Locate the apk in your device and install the game
3. Play the game 


SlimePewPewBeta.apk 68 MB

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