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The player is required to ensure that all cars get to the exit they need to go, while doing this the player needs to make sure that the driver’s patience does not deplete as well.

Player scores points by letting a car go to their destination, the score is multiplied for every car that successfully get to their destination. The multiplier is reseted if any driver’s patience is depleted.

This student game was made by Studio 3nity, a team of game developers that want to bring joy to people's hearts through their work. The team comprises of  2 Game Designers, 2 Artists & 4 Programmers pursuing Bachelor of Game Development in UOW Malaysia KDU.


  • Calvert Wong Chien Kai, Lead Designer, 0121752@kdu-online.com  
  • Chiang Jing An, Gameplay Designer, chiang.an1808@gmail.com
  • Kenneth Bennet O’Keeffe, Lead Programmer, 0122061@kdu-online.com
  • Ivan Ong Zhisien, Game Engine & Tools Programmer, ongzs.ivan@gmail.com
  • Goh Weng Zen, Gameplay & AI Programmer, 0122058@kdu-online.com
  • Chan Zhe, Gameplay & Graphics Programmer, chanzhe99@gmail.com
  • Ahmad 'Aizat Maher bin Ahmad Pakhri, Lead Artist, 0122252@kdu-online.com
  • Tee Chui Teng, Artist, 0121721@kdu-online.com

Install instructions

  1. Download the Trafficking APK file onto your smart phone (must be Android) (ensure you put the file where you would remember)
  2. Ensure that your Android phone has developer options switched on
  3. Use the file manager on your Android phone to access the Trafficking APK file
  4. Use the APK file to install Trafficking
  5. Launch App and enjoy



Trafficking.apk 34 MB

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