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You've been Trapped in a strange facility and you've no idea how to get out. Strange creatures are roaming the ruins and all you've got is a strange experimental gun. Strange creatures? Environmental Hazards? Unlimited ammunition? Yeah. Time to lock & load in this 2D platform shooter and get un-Trapped.

Wilson Ng  Wei Shern (Design)
Fong Jian Ping (Lead Programmer)
Muhammad Luqman bin Shamsuddin (Programmer)
Thong Meng Siong (Programmer)
Tan Wei Xin (Programmer)
Andy Wong Siew Tuang (Programmer)
Tan Gee Hong (Lead Artist)
Nydia Tan Huey Fang (Artist)

Produced as part of a student assignment Bachelor of Game Development (Hons) KDU University College - Glenmarie Games Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kdugamedevelopment  Website: http://gamedev.kdu.edu.my 

Install instructions

Download the zip file, Unzip and run Trapped.exe


Trapped_Postfix-v1.zip 49 MB


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Hi there, I discovered that the player can warp to the mouse ad infinitum by pressing W repeatedly, so long as the player hasn't bought the gun upgrade (not the laser), and after dying at least once (without said upgrade), I suddenly have a large amount of credits/currency to buy the upgrades :p

Also, in one of the last few levels (when you're high up), moving slightly to the left will cause you to fall through the floor and land near the previous door you entered (the same door that you entered at the end of the previous level) :p

i found the button of the Overpoweredness of GODS

Hii developers (Fun Bun, such cute name I must say), I just played the game you have created

The game was awesome and fun, but it kinda short. Excellent job, keep up the greatness work.