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An action packed 2D platformer and beat em’ up, Yaushi: A Sushi’s Destiny tells the gripping tale of a sushi’s journey to redemption. You play as Yasushi, the main character and namesake of the game.

You were just a mundane piece of sushi waiting to fulfill your purpose, but fate deemed that it didn’t turn out that way. You were made under severely unhygienic conditions and had to be discarded after the individual whom placed an order for you complained to the chef about your questionable quality.  Fortunately the great patron saint of sushi, Kamii, has decided to give you a second chance at redemption and granted you sentience. Blessed as a sushi sentinel, now you are to prove yourself through a series of trials and tribulations. Travel through the restaurant and fight your way through multiple unique levels accompanied by unique enemies and obstacles! Finally, face your nemesis in an intense final boss fight against the accursed Chef Oriji Ono!

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the .exe in the folder!


YasushiFinalBuild.zip 60 MB

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