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Play as a thief who stole ancient relics and is on the run, making sure you don't get caught by the pursuing owner. 

Symbol Tracing

As you are running away from the pursuing owner, you will encounter obstacles on your way. To bypass these obstacles, you will need to trace symbols. It is all up to your skills to correctly trace out the symbol in order to bypass the obstacles and avoid getting caught.


There are power-ups along the path that can help you in escaping the pursuing owner. You are also able to upgrade the power-ups in the store to increase the duration usage of the power-ups.


Get to know us

We are Netherweb Studio, formed for the module "Game Project Studio 2" , with the purpose of creating a 3D android mobile game for our group-based assignment. We have managed to create the game "Relic Rush" , which is an endless runner game with real-time symbol tracing in order to bybass obstacles. Our team consists of 4 programmers, 3 artists and 1 designer and they are: 





RelicRush.apk 66 MB

Install instructions

  1. Ensure your mobile device is Android supported.
  2. Download the apk file from the itch.io website to your mobile device.
  3. Locate the apk file in your mobile device and install it.
  4. Once it’s installed, tap on the game icon to play the game.

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