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A point-and-click 2D side-scroller survival horror game where you play as a wife who descended from Peranakan ( Baba Nyonya) culture having marriage issues. You escape to your old family mansion  after a huge fight with your husband, what you didn't know is that this is where your real nightmare begins.

Gameplay Trailer :



  • Avoid your nightmare by hiding and using your surroundings to your advantage!
  • Mouse-only controls! Streamlined controls that are easy to learn!
  • Solve puzzles that are related to taboos in the Nyonya Culture to escape from this haunted mansion!


Pantang v1.5.1 is Available for Download!


Hello! Our team is called Baba Black Sheep Games! We are a team of 4 programmers, 4 artists and 2 designers.
And here are our members:

Hoi Jin Zhi (Lead) jinzhihoi@outlook.com
Choo Jun Yi jun.choo.y@gmail.com
Jet Lee Shi Jie shijie.l.work@gmail.com
Tan Yik Fung yikfung.tan99@gmail.com

Loo Yee Cheng (Lead) yeechengg18@gmail.com
Alif Haziq bin Mohammed Nezam alifhaziq97@gmail.com
Ashley Alessandra Yeo Zyn Yi miyuuriibiz@gmail.com
Yim Su Chi keilisa97@gmail.com

Joshua Lee Soon Yan (Lead) joshuaplo@yahoo.com
Nik Mohamed Shafeeq bin Nik Arif Reza nikshafeeq@gmail.com

Install instructions

  1. Download the file 'Pantang v1.5.1.zip' from the link.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Zipped size (116~ MB); Unzipped size (680~ MB).
  4. Open the file.
  5. Select application 'Pantang'.


Pantang v1.5.1.zip 116 MB
Pantang v1.5.1 Google Drive Download

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